First Nations Freaks

This community is for peoples of all First Nations, all who consider themselves Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, Amerindian, or Métis and those who sympathize.

First Nations Freaks stemmed from a "cult" on the defunct (as of Feb. 2020) Said website was home to many goth/industrial/emo/metalhead/juggalo/general outcast "freaks" for two decades. Even if you're a "normie" or "mundane" you're cool to hang with us.

Inside you'll find native news, events local to you, indigenous and environmental activism, traditional recipes, legends, poems & quotes, and anything else related to being NDN. Besides that, perhaps some contests and general banter about any ol' thing.

We're also located at:
There we place more of a emphesis on culture and community than sexual stuff.
GNU Social based microblog group where we can all have shorter, quicker discussions & share information
DW is forked from LiveJournal so if you're familiar with that or have an account on LJ/Dead journal/insane journal/etc you're all set here!
Forum rules
- Cite your sources
- Debate friendly; no personal attacks!
- Do your best to type correctly in English or your Native tongue
- No spamming / triple posting.
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